Funeral personalization is changing the funeral experience for families and is a unique way to celebrate a loved one's life. More and more families are seeking to uniquely honor and celebrate their loved ones with highly personalized funeral experiences. Celebrating a life represents a final opportunity to co-create a profound and inherently personal tribute to a loved one, forging lasting memor...ies that will remain long after the funeral. By celebrating a life in this way, families strengthen their traditions, renew their ties, and create a shared experience that begins the long healing process. We, at Taucher Funeral Home are proud to offer and guide families to a deeply personal and transforming Life Celebration. Our "Celebrating a Life" is a tasteful and creative suite of keepsakes that offers a wonderful opportunity to share precious memories with family and friends. Each part not only helps tell the story of life's journey, but becomes a cherished family focal point for years to come. Ask how you can create a personalized tribute to showcase your loved one's unique personality, talents, interests, passions, and relationships. Please feel free to call our information line at 724-947-5345.

Sample Wrist Bands (Front view and Back View)


Sample Personalized Thank You Card Keepsakes:



Sample Personalized Memorial Service or Funeral Mass Programs:


Vinyl Auto Memorial Decals...Can be customized to your specifications


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